Thursday, August 4, 2011

Working Mom

Sometimes being a working mom is hard. I mean, I know that it is what my family needs from me, but still its hard. I am also incredibly blessed to have Sydney and Dean home everyday with loving hands, nana, nanny, and Lindy all shower them with love.

I started a new job 2 weeks ago and have some time on my hands throughout the day. I peruse mom blogs, get ideas of fun things to do with the twins or just gather ideas of how to be a better me (mom, daugher, and wife in no particular order).

One of my favorite memories of growing up was seeing my dad walk through the door after work with his club bag. We had a tradition - I would rush to meet him at the door, forever hopeful there was a little treat inside the bag for me. Sometimes it might be a piece of Sees candy, other days a special folder or pencil from the office supply door. It didn't matter - I loved whatever goofy new thing he brought home for me. So carrying on the tradition, I love to scour the web, go to the Spectrum or to Target to find a new "thing" to bring home to the twins to show them I missed them and thought about them during my day away from home.

Yesterday - I discovered Stride Rite was having a buy one get on half off sale - every twin's mother's dream. So off we went to get our feet measured and buy our first pair of shoes.

Brown sandals for Dean's cute feet and pretty white sandals for little Sydney's feet.

Today - I hit the jackpot at Nordstroms baby section. Irvine Spectrum baby section is the best - and definitely a spot I need to visit with my wallet in the car. But today, I shopped and found.

Sidewalk chalk with plastic holders and 2 new board books. This one is my favorite and I can't wait to read it with them.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Every Summer - A New Suit

Like TV shows, my favorite bathing suit brands always seem to get canceled. Unlike my favorite TV shows, I try to be age appropriate in my choices. Not to skimpy that I embarrass everyone from teen stepkids to myself. Not to conserverative that my husband wonders why I am already dressing like I am 50. Aaron Chang was at the top for a handful of years - complete with coordinated rash guards and sweats perfect for the boat. But, like Gilmore Girls, its a thing of the past. I stumbled upons Coco Rave at Macys and they are a perfect find for me - conservative enough, but not too much. And even more perfect considering that I will almost always have a twin or two in hand this summer - matching coverups - to avoid any overexposure issues. I couldn't find the coverups on line - and to be honest I only looked at macys - but here are my 2 new suits for this summer. I am a firm believer or quality over quantity when it comes to bathing suits and jeans. You just feel and look better in them. Oh - one more perk about Coco Rave - they are sized including bra sizes so they fit even better - really dreamy.

Mine is the same fit - but white with light blue and candy pink strips. I feel like an ad for a candy store.

And a good black suit for the feeling fat days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Target Shopping - Calypso

Normally I end up being really disappointed in buying anything from Target for myself. The quality always seems lacking and the clothes never fit the same after one washing. I end up at Target once a week buying formula for Syd and Dean. I always take a look at the clearance rack for them. It is very rare I buy clothes for them full price - I'd rather buy ahead on a good sale.

Last week, I stumbled across a darling jumper for Syd for full price $12.99. It was part of their Calypso collection. After checking out the baby pieces for Sydney, I had to go check out what they might have for me. And low and behold - the dress below which might just be perfect for Briana's graduation.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dean - 8 months

Dean is the golden child - you couldn't ask for an easier baby.
- Dean is happy all of the time, unless he is hungry, tired, or a few other fun quirks that we'll get to in a sec
- Dean loves to give the air zerberts - out of no where he will start and laughs at himself or others when they do it.
- Dean loves his mobile - its like is Am Ex, we don't go anywhere without it.
- Dean loves his puppies - unfortunately Suki doesn't return the favor. He is dog repellent to Suk. Apparently there must have been some ear pulling, because Suki used to love him, now she runs in the other direction if he gets within reach. Moo is a little more tolerent.
- Dean is a toy hog! Nothing makes Dean more frustrated than when he has every toy in the house, except one. And Sydney has that one... He doesn't really want it, he just doesn't want her to have it.
- Dean loves to roll. And he's quick. Leave the room and come back and almost guaranteed he's in a different location. He found out yeterday that the tile floor is not a fun place to roll.
- Dean is a do-it yourselfer. He loves to feed himself his bottle. Often he will refuse it, if you try to feed him. But, lay him on his back, hand him his bottle and he's good to go.
- He is a handsome baby - frequently we get compliments to our face and behind our back about little Dean. Already a ladies man!
- Sydney is his favorite. Again - like the puppies, its not always a 2 way street. She loves him from out of reach, but he gets a little too up close and personal for her.
-Dean decided on round 2 this weekend - that rice cereal might be ok. Of course, he had to have his own spoon and pretend to be in control. But, its progress. A few week's ago as soon as it touch his mouth - he screamed out like we were killing him. He totally wasn't into it.

Sydney - 8 months

Sydney at 8 Months - is my real wild child.

This post is long overdue. Hopefully I will get to her brother soon.

Sydney at 8 months:
- is tiny and mighty
- Sydney just passed up the 1% in weight and is "thriving" her way up to the 5% level.
- Whatever she lacks in size, she makes up for vocally. She can babble all day long, when in the mood. She has not yet discovered how nice it is to use her "inside voice". She definitely prefers the neighbors across the street to also hear what she has to say.
- She has become fearful of one thing - Deanie attacks. When little Dean is near, the yelling is not far off.
- She loves to fly - in daddy's arms, getting her own air in the jumper or activity center. The bigger the better - she is on the road to following in her dare-devil dad's footsteps.
- Until yesterday she had no need for tummy time - until Dean got praised for making small gains in crawling. Not to be left behind, she lunged off my lap, tummy to the floor and wanted to push off my hand to try to crawl. Then, also for the first time of her choice, practiced rolling over by grabbing a large toy from her back and pulling herself to her tummy. Who knew competition could begin this early. Syd finally decided it was time to step it up!
- Loves her Sophie the giraffe, paci, walks, sitting in the swing looking out into the front yard.
- Dislikes personal hygiene (baths, fingernail clippings, lotion). Definitely need to change this.
- This girl is as nosey as they come. She has to be involved and know what's going on at all times. This includes being a night owl, loving to mad-dog anyone in public, twirl around in the jumper to view where the action is.

-Syd has a natural mohawk. It just seems wrong to try to tame anything about her at this point, including her hair. If you try to rub it down, it just pops right back up. It just seems to be the right bow on top of this little package.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Am I getting old

Because I went to a Charlie Brown Christmas music concert last night, featuring "smooth Jazz" grammy pianist David Benoit and la-la-love it!!! He was so good. I am a fan. And the restored Fox Theater in Downtown Riverside is pretty fun too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't stop shopping

This year, we were going to do a small Christmas, because we are in the midst of a bathroon remodel - a gift to all. One big gift for everyone and stockings. Well, after the shopping was done - I found an excuse to spend more money....stockings. I can't stop shopping and I am spending too much money. So, I am trying to use some sort of self control and not buy anything (more) for myself. But, if Santa still visited me - this is what I'd want. And these are just my finds from today - clearly I have too much free time during the day.

Gorgeous Necklace from here

Cute Romper to wear at home